Dietrich College Class of 2021 Kickoff BBQ

Dietrich College Class of 2021 Kickoff BBQ was one of the Dietrich College Orientation events hosted by the Academic Advisory Center. Freshmen of the Dietrich College and their peer mentors were invited to meet on campus for the first time. As a member of the planning team, I was tasked with selecting caterer, negotiating the contract, purchasing supplies, and setting up the location. I also volunteered to design a poster for the event although I heavily involved in other Orientation projects.

I had a fairly clear idea in mind of what impression the poster should make based on our audience. There were so many events on campus in the beginning of the semester, so this poster needed to stand out among other posters with fun elements and bold colors. I discussed with my colleagues and they agreed that the poster should be colorful but simple.

Due to the tight deadline, I reused and edited elements of stock images I searched online. The original background was much darker than it is now. After consulting my colleagues, I changed the tone of the inner box of the background as well as lightened the whole background.

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