Receipt Scanner & Expense Tracker

In spring 2017, I took 15-112: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. It is a fast-paced and rigorous computer science course focusing on writing efficient code in Python programming language with top-down design. The course was taught by Professor David Kosbie and Dave Anderson.

Students were required to design and implement a program that they choose. The project must be written in Python and should consist of the following deliverables:

  • Project proposal
  • Market research & competitive analysis
  • Storyboard
  • Code artifacts
  • A time sheet to track production
  • A project video

The problem I intend to solve is to get rid of stacks of receipts after shopping trips and track my spending by category (grocery, pet, clothing, etc) without reading through each receipt. My project is a Receipt Scanner & Expense Tracker. This application takes an image of receipt, send to Google Cloud Vision API server to get text detection result. Relevant information is then retrieved from the detection result and displayed on the various screens for user to track expense. Receipt information is stored in a local database and can be retrieved to generate an expense report. Report is also available in pie chart and bar chart.

Link to the video:


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